8 of the Best Eats You Shouldn’t Miss When in Guam

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Tourists to the American island territory of Guam can look forward to one thing in particular: feasting on local and international food once they’re on the island. Guam has a rich culinary scene that has been influenced by the traditions of the Chamorro people, as well as those of the American, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other diaspora communities. No matter what kind of craving you have—whether it’s for barbecued meat, fresh seafood, or dessert—you’re sure to satisfy it in Guam!

Here are Guam Phone Book’s recommendations for what foods to seek out. You’ll be able to find these at the many Guam restaurants, bars, grills, cafés, and hole-in-the-wall establishments that make the island rightfully famous.

Native Chamorro Food

Your first stop in Guam should be to a Chamorro restaurant. That’s where you’ll be able to sample local dishes like kelaguen, which is akin to ceviche, and kadon pika, a rich and spicy chicken stew. Make sure to eat plenty of red rice—which takes its appetizing color from annatto seeds—with one of these delicious delicacies. Popular options include Meskla, Chamoru-Tei Restaurant, and Hafa Adai Café. Ask for other good suggestions from your hotel staff, your friends, or your business contacts in Guam.


Guamanians are quite serious about their barbecue. The meat may be marinated with simple ingredients, but it is often steeped for more than a day to soak up maximum flavor. Chamorro barbecue is also grilled using the native tangan-tangan wood, which imparts a uniquely smoky flavor to it. To eat Chamorro barbecue that’s hot off the grill, go to Guam barbecue restaurants like Breezes, Churrasco, and BJ BBQ.

Surf and Turf

Some like to indulge in steak when they travel; others look for fresh local seafood. You can find the best of both worlds at the many steak and seafood restaurants in Guam. Places like Papa’s Restaurant, Desperado’s Tex-Mex, and Tumon Bay Lobster & Grill will make good on the classic surf and turf pairing.

Filipino Food

Next to the native Chamorros, Filipinos comprise the largest chunk of Guam’s population. So it’s no wonder that there are a lot of Filipino dining options in Guam. Standout restaurants are Bayanihan Kitchenette, Ben ‘N Yan’s Place, Laguna Best, and Cabalen Fast Food. Enjoy a filling Filipino silog breakfast of fried meat, garlic rice, and egg, or try Pinoy classics like adobo, sisig, and crispy pata.

Japanese Food

Guam is also replete with Japanese food options, both gourmet and casual. You can find great Japanese food, made with the freshest local ingredients, at a Guam sushi restaurant. Our recommendations include Rotary Sushi, Sushi Rock, and Tairyo Sushi.

Vietnamese Food

Another Asian cuisine that’s quite popular in Guam is Vietnamese cuisine. It won’t be hard to find healthy, tasty Vietnamese food in Guam from places like Bamboo Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine, Kinh Do Restaurant, and Ma’s Kitchen. These are where you can dig into Vietnamese classics like pho, bánh xèo, and bánh mì.


Pizza is a comfort food for many, and some travelers look for a good slice of pie wherever they go. If you and your family are craving some, it’ll be a breeze to find a pizza parlor in Guam. You’ll see familiar chains Papa John’s and Little Caesar’s here. But you should also check out local parlors like Crust Pizzeria Napoletana, Tommy’s Pizza Shoppe, and Pieology Pizzeria.


Guam’s bakeries are open to those who have a sweet tooth. Places that are worth visiting in Guam are Baker’s World, Bera Bake Shop, American Bakery, and Blessed Bakery. Pop by any one of these to get delicious pastries that will go well with coffee and tea.

Come to Guam hungry for local Chamorro and international flavors. You’ll leave with a happy tummy—and dreams of coming back soon for more!



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