Bars in Guam

There’s no better way to enjoy the nightlife in Guam than a trip to one of the local bars. Check out the Guam Phone Book now to discover bars in Guam where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a cold drink in your hand. Whether you desire a bottle of craft beer, a pint of good old pilsen, or something a little harder, you’ll find plenty of pubs and bars listed in our comprehensive catalog of nightlife destinations on the island.

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Guam has a very exciting and bustling nightlife, and the clubs and bars on th eisland are a good reflection of this. Tumon, in particular, offers a variety of places where people can enjoy live performances and drink the night away. Many tourists live for the nightlife, so you’re sure to meet people from all walks of life once the sun goes down!

In Guam, you don’t have to travel far to find a bar. In fact, many neighborhoods have a family or locally owned bar that people frequent. These bars offer reasonably priced alcoholic drinks as well as happy hour specials. There’s nothing like sampling the local fare while enjoying a nice, cold glass of beer as a way to end a long day.

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