4 Things to Know About Being a Pet Owner and Animal Lover in Guam

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For many families, a home wouldn’t be complete without a canine or feline presence—or even that of a scaly or feathered friend. Indeed, popular pets in Guam include dogs, cats, rabbits, tropical fish, turtles, hamsters, and budgies. Whichever of these you fancy keeping in your own home, Guam will be a great place to raise them. The healthy island environment, access to quality veterinary services, and breadth of pet supplies and equipment available will ensure that they will thrive.

For all current and aspiring pet owners in Guam, here’s Guam Phone Book’s guide on everything you need to know about keeping a pet on the island. Along with listings for pet-related services, we’ve got some tips on making sure your pet gets the care it needs.

You Must Follow Guam’s Requirements for Pet Quarantine

Guam has an active anti-rabies program and strives to keep the island territory rabies-free. To that end, the Guam government oversees strict quarantine for all dogs and cats being flown in from abroad. If you want to take your pet with you when you migrate to Guam, it’s possible to do so. But you will need to follow the pet quarantine policy.

Guam’s policy mandates that all cats and dogs undergo a quarantine period at a Department of Agriculture-accredited animal quarantine facility upon their arrival. The said quarantine period may range from 5 and 120 days. If you don’t want your pet to stay in quarantine for too long, it’s good to research the Guam government’s pre-quarantine requirements. These include microchipping your pet, getting a health certificate and entry permit endorsed by your veterinarian, and getting your pet vaccinated against rabies. For updated details on how to safely fly your dog or cat to Guam, it’s best to contact the Department of Agriculture. You may also want the advice of a veterinarian who has experience endorsing pets for relocation to Guam.

You Can Adopt an Animal from One of Guam’s Animal Shelters

If you don’t already have a pet and you want one in your home, consider adopting instead of shopping for one. There are many abandoned or stray animals currently living in animal shelters, and they are doubly in need of love and care.

Visit an animal shelter in Guam, such as Guam Animals in Need (GAIN), to help rehome a cat or dog. Just make sure you are aware of the physical, financial, and emotional demands of adopting a shelter pet. However,  if you meet these requirements, your relationship with your adopted cat or dog will be one of the most rewarding ones you will ever know.

There are Dedicated Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics in Guam

Once you and your pet are comfortably settled in your new home, you’ll want to take note of the different animal hospitals in Guam. These are where you can go for pet emergencies or to get treatment for outstanding illnesses. Places like the Animal Medical Clinic and the Isla Veterinary Clinic service treat common pets, like cats and dogs. However,  there are also specialists for more exotic species, like the vets at Micronesian Exotic Animal Specialties Services.

For outpatient services, like yearly vaccines or treatment for small wounds, you can set an appointment at a Guam vet clinic. Guam Phone Book recommends the services of the excellent veterinarians at Marianas Vetcare. Keep their numbers with you so that you know where to go when your pet is sick or injured.

Pet Shops Are in No Short Supply in Guam

It will be easy to meet the everyday needs of all types of pets, thanks to the well-stocked pet shops in Guam. You can get pet supplies like pet food, feeding bowls, and collars at stores like Little Wangz Petlife and Opus One. Aquariums, cages, and feed are available for your aquatic pets, reptiles, and birds at shops like Feathers ‘N Fins.

You can also get grooming services at Cloud K-9 Grooming to keep your furbaby looking neat and clean. And when a beloved pet passes away, you can enlist the services of Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory to give them a safe and proper sendoff.

Conclusion: Owning a Pet Is a Big Responsibility

Above all, you must remember that you need to commit time, energy, and finances if you have a pet of your own. This applies wherever you are in the world, but it holds especially true in Guam, where there’s a large community of animal lovers.

Whether you own a big dog or a small aquarium of tropical fish, it’s important that you care for them in the way that they need. Luckily, Guam’s network of animal centers, veterinary clinics, and pet shops will make it easy for you to do so. Here’s to your pet’s good health, long life, and happy memories with you in your Guam home!



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