Animal Hospitals in Guam

Guamanians love their pets, and a large proportion of people in the territory have at least one at home. Livestock farming also has a long history on the island and continues to be a critical part of the economy and culture. If your pets or livestock need medical attention, check out the Guam Phone Book’s updated listings of animal hospitals in Guam. Filter your searches to find veterinary services in your own village.

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Livestock farming and pet ownership are both part of Guamanian culture. The native Chamorro is recorded to have kept dogs, chickens, pigs, and goats at the time of European contact. Needless to say, Guamanians love animals and many would go above and beyond to ensure their pets and livestock are healthy and taken care of.

If your pets or livestock need immediate veterinary care, one of the first things you should do is check the Guam Phone Book. It is the best resource for finding animal hospitals in Guam, allowing you to find different veterinary services right in your neighborhood.

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