Home Improvement on Guam

Home Improvement on Guam 

As a homeowner on Guam, it’s important to have home improvement and maintenance resources on-hand for when you’re ready to tackle a new project. There’s always something to be done, from making repairs to the everyday upkeep. Sometimes you just want to freshen up your home and try something new. 

Here are a few handy resources and ideas for sprucing up your abode. 

Put on your tool belt for some DIY 

There are definitely repairs and projects that need to be done by a trained professional. But for many easy and quick tasks, you can stop by the Home Depot or other hardware stores (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/hardware-retail/ )  or building material suppliers (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/building-materials/ ) to pick up a few supplies and get the job done 

Make a subtle change by switching your lightbulbs from soft light to day light. 

Repair or replace a door yourself with a few tools and some muscle. 

Fix up your cabinets by fixing or replacing loose knobs, install a magnetic door catch to keep cabinets from hanging open, or add a cushioning strip to soften the sound of cabinet doors closing. 

Replacing caulk or grout can make a big difference, especially in the bathroom. Remove the caulk with a scraper and re-caulk with your desired color. 

A good water blasting can make a big difference. Rent some equipment, (link to_https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/water-blaster-equipment-supplies/ ),apply a liberal amount of sunblock and get ready to wash away the grime. 

Shiny new appliances are both practical and can change the feeling of your kitchen. Check out your nearest appliance store (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/appliances-sales-service/

The best part about DIY is you can go at your own pace. 

Add some color 

A new coat of paint will do wonders. There are so many ways to be creative.

For ideas, check out popular media like HGTV or Pinterest for trending colors. 

If you enjoy experimentation, try playing with accent walls. Choose a main color for most of the walls your home, then paint one wall in a room a different color.  

If you’re prone to changes in taste, play it safe with neutral colors. Then show your personality with colorful accents, like throw pillows, wall art. You can always change them up if your mood changes. 

Stop by a paint store (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/paint-dealers/  ) to browse their selection. Be sure to get samples and bring it home. Lighting can really change the way a color looks. 

If you have a big paint job, a good contractor (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/contractors-painting/) can be a big help. 

Freshen up your space 

There are plenty of ways to restyle your home, like installing a new carpet (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/carpet-dealers-new/)

There are so many textures, colors and sizes to choose from. You can choose to carpet one room or all rooms. Before you shop, consider what carpet style works for you. If you already have carpet have them professionally cleaned (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/carpet-rugs-upholstery-cleaners/). 

Another way to freshen up your home is by stopping by the upholstery store https://www.cnmiphonebook.com/businesses/categories/upholstery/  to change up your furniture Turn a plain armchair into a colorful accent piece, or simply repair worn fabric or leather.. New padding or covers can make a chair or couch look like new. There’s room to play with different colors, patterns, and even fabric textures. 

Clearing up some clutter can make your home feel more open and inviting. If you don’t want to part with beloved items or heirlooms, considering keeping them in a self storage unit (https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/self-storage/ ). 

Make big investments that will last 

Improvements to your home don’t have to be flashy. Making sure your home can withstand the elements will put your mind at ease, even though they might not be as visually compelling as a new paint job. 

If you have big projects in mind, be sure to hire an experienced contractor (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/contractors-building-general/ ) or electrician (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/contractors-electrical/ ). 

Maintaining your roof will keep your home safer and extend its life. Get help from a professional roofer (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/contractors-roofing/) for heavy duty repairs. Even applying a coating(link to  https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/roof-coating/) will improve the longevity of your roof, as well as help keep the inside cool and your power bill down. 

Guam being in the Pacific, all home owners should be ready for a typhoon. It might be time to install or upgrade your typhoon shutters. (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/typhoon-shutters/ )

As our impact on the environment and the cost of fuel become larger concerns, renewable energy can be a way to address both these issues. 

An ideal solution for Guam is to install a solar energy system. These can be scaled to your energy consumption habits, size of your home and budget. Luckily you’ll find  quite a few energy conservation consultants (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/energy-consultants/ ) and products (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/energy-conservation-products/ ) to help you reach your energy goals.  

Remember, before embarking on a large project and making an investment, you should carefully consider your budget and needs. 

Create an Oasis 

Give your yard some TLC. Regular maintenance activities of keeping the grass trimmed will keep your place looking neat. But why not take it up another level with potted plants, planters or even a little pond to make it look lovely? 

Work with a landscaper to create (link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/landscape-maintenance/ ) a unique outdoor space.

Or get your hands dirty by getting your own landscaping equipment ( link to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/landscape-equipment-supplies/ ) or simply stop by a plant nursery (link tohttps://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/nurseries-plants-trees-etc/ ) to find some decorative plants to fit your personality and aesthetic. 

The goal is to be able to stroll out on a cool morning or evening to admire nature’s beauty. 

Pursue your dream home 

For some visions, it’s best plan thoroughly, start anew, and involve an expert. Consider an architect ( linkt to https://www.guamphonebook.com/businesses/categories/architects/) when building a new home or making major renovations to your current home. Among many services they offer, an architect will navigate planning procedures and building regulations on your behalf and provide expertise on lighting, materials, and other details.

Before diving into major renovations with an architect, be sure to make some preparation. Consider what you would like to do. Get input from friends or people whos’ opinions (and sense of style) you trust. Check out the architects’ completed works. 

Your home is your castle. You can make it as cozy and beautiful as you want. You can make big changes or little changes, as long as it’s a place you love returning to every day. 

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