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Food is an intrinsic part of Guamanian life, so it’s no wonder that you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants in Guam that specialize in different types of cuisines and food preparations. Choose from a variety of restaurants in Guam, which offer everything from all-American favorites to more distinct local and regional cuisines. Check out the Guam Phone Book’s list of restaurants, and give your taste buds the treat that they deserve.

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Denny's Restaurant
Pick-A-Nail Road (Guerrero Dr), Tamuning, 96913
Domino's Pizza
Marine Corps Drive., Tamuning, 96950

You’ll never go hungry when you’re in Guam, and the number of restaurants on the island is proof of this. This U.S. territory in the Pacific is considered one of best places to enjoy Pacific Rim cuisine, featuring a veritable melting pot of tastes and flavors that reflect the region’s culinary traditions. Here, you can enjoy delectable Chamorro favorites like the following:

Chicken Kelaguen – Not just limited to chicken, this is a popular dish that can use various meats and prepared with salt, pepper, lemon juice, and grated coconut.

Cucumber Salad – A popular vegetable dish in Guam that’s usually paired with its signature dipping sauce—Finadenne, which is a sauce mixture made up of soy sauce, vinegar, chili peppers, and onions.

Red Rice – This has been a staple part of the Chamorro diet for hundreds of years now, as early as when Spanish settlers first introduced the crop to the country. Seasoned rice is mixed with annatto seeds from the achote plant to give it its distinct orange color.

On top of Chamorro restaurants, Guam is also home to a whole host of other restaurants specializing in other types of food, a testament to its cosmopolitan character. From American fast food joints to dining destinations serving traditional Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and pan-Western fare, you’ll never run out of options when it comes sto dining in Guam.

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