7 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Guam

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It’s said that America’s day begins in Guam, whose time zone is a good 14 hours ahead of that of the US East Coast. But what kind of dawning should you expect if you move to Guam permanently? Will life as an expat in Guam be very different from what you’re used to? And what should you do in order to settle down and start living a comfortable, happy life in Guam?

At Guam Phone Book, we can help you complete a breezy move to Guam. We connect Guam residents—both old and new—to a network of local businesses for all their needs. Along with providing listings, we intend to offer you the best tips on integrating with the local community. Read on for some suggestions on easing yourself into Guamanian life!

Acclimatizing Will Be Easier Once You Know of Guam’s Most Important Offices

Even before you leave, it’s a good idea to search out Guam’s essential services. You should compile info on the following before your departure:

  • A passport renewal center in Guam, for when you need to renew your American passport and/or obtain a passport card
  • Details on how to get police and court clearance, which are necessary if you are applying for a new job
  • How to apply for or renew your driver’s license

These are just some of the various government services that you depend on in your country of origin. See that you can obtain them as quickly as possible in Guam as well.

You Need to Get Your Financials in Order

Another big priority during your move should be your financials. You need a solid plan for earning income, maintaining a healthy cash flow, and purchasing goods and services in Guam in the ways you prefer.

For leads, check out Guam Phone Book’s directory of banks. Choose a banking institution to see where you can open an account or apply for a new debit or credit card. You can also compile info on Guam companies that offer financing if you want to apply for consumer lending, home equity, or other loans.

You Should Determine Your Housing Arrangements

Housing is another key issue that you have to resolve when you move to Guam. What kind of housing is best for you and your family? What are your short-term and long-term housing goals, and who should you contact in order to fulfill them?

For the former, our listings should make it easy to search for apartment rentals in Guam. For the latter, Guam Phone Book’s real estate listings should help you acquire property. Use these to get a roof under your head and establish the ideal living conditions for yourself and your family.

You Should Consider Where to Enroll Your Children

If you’re bringing kids along with you, it’s important to search for avenues where they can continue their education. You can posit inquiries at Guam schools, and you can find out if they follow a religious or secular teaching pedagogy.

Alternately, you can research Guam Department of Education-accredited homeschooling programs. This option should be appealing to you if your move to Guam has freed up more time for your kids. That’s when you can move to become the lead facilitator in their learning.

It Won’t Be Difficult to Find a New Religious Community in Guam

If you’re religious and practicing your faith is important to you, it won’t be hard to maintain your spiritual life in Guam. The island hosts an active religious community consisting of the Catholic Church and a number of Christian denominations.

Look for a church in Guam that shares your religious affiliation. This way, you won’t be remiss in your spiritual obligations. Plus, you and your family can partake in the fellowship you enjoyed in your country of origin.

Guam Is One of the Best Places to Pursue Health and Wellness

The wealth of natural resources, abundance of fresh produce, and clean air all make Guam a very healthy place to live. Here, you will be able to receive healthcare and will have easy access to Guam pharmacies. You can also seek out additional healthcare-related services like chiropractic treatment from a local chiropractor.

For exercise, you can either join a sporting club, enroll at a gym, or sign up for yoga classes in Guam. Better health and better wellness are achievable goals here!

All Household Essentials Will Be Available to You

Lastly, there’s a variety of home improvement and furnishing services that will help you create your dream household here in Guam. Once you arrange for these, it won’t be long before you think of your Guam residence as home, sweet home.

For example, you can call a local frame company to get beautiful frames for diplomas and photos. For tighter security in your home, you can call on the services of a Guam locksmith. And your family will keep a pet, local veterinarian services will be in reach.


Moving somewhere new is never a simple task. Along the way, you may encounter difficulties and get homesick for your old life. Take it easy and give yourself time to acclimatize to Guam. Eventually, you will establish a routine here that is like second nature.

Do not forget to show gratitude, respect, and a desire to be involved in your new home community. It is your new relationships, as well your new routine, that will make your move to Guam worthwhile!

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