6 Helpful Tips for Families Vacationing in Guam

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Over the decades, Guam has emerged as a top tourist destination in the Pacific, and there are a number of reasons why. The year-round balmy climate, the pristine beaches, the fantastic shopping opportunities, and the warm local community—these are just a few of the island territory’s charms.

Guam is usually associated with an older tourist demographic, ranging from honeymooners to retirees. However, what most people don’t know is that it’s an equally great vacation spot for families. If you all share a love for the outdoors, delicious food, and meeting new people, you’ll certainly enjoy Guam as a family.

At Guam Phone Book, we are happy to help your family tour the island that we love. In addition to our listings, you’ll find here some useful tips on making your Guam vacation as enjoyable as possible. Read on for everything you need to know for an upcoming family trip to the island!

Look for a Travel Package

Guam is quite far away if you’re coming from the mainland United States. It’s a given that a trip there may be costly, and more so for a complete family. Your Guam vacation should be something to save up for, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

It’s a good idea to shop around for travel packages, either online or with a dedicated travel agency. You and your family could save a lot of money by booking a travel package with airfare and accommodation discounts.

Draft a Travel Itinerary that the Family Will Enjoy

Couples or solo travelers to Guam can afford to be a bit more spontaneous in their travel plans. But it’s best for families to follow a set itinerary so that no one gets bored, everyone can enjoy, and kids can follow their bedtimes.

Plan your schedule around the family-friendly attractions you want to visit, such as a zoo, an aquarium, or a water park. Your kids will have the most fun on their vacation if they don’t feel excluded by the adults.

Search for a Family-Friendly Hotel with All Your Creature Comforts

Hotels in Guam are the top choice of accommodation for families. They offer the widest range of amenities to service guests of all ages. Many of the best hotels in Guam are located in the tourist hub of Tumon. What you need to pay attention to is how much your hotel accommodation will cost, and what amenities it offers.

If you are staying in a hotel, be aware of the charges you could incur. Eating most of your meals in the hotel may be convenient, but it will also be quite expensive. Plus, not all hotels offer amenities like free breakfast and in-room Wi-Fi; you may have to pay extra for these benefits. You should know what to set aside extra cash for, and if the hotel has cheaper alternatives like free use of a business center, make sure to make the most of it.

Be on Top of Your Transport Arrangements

What’s great about Guam is that many areas are walkable. You can get to essential establishments, like groceries and pharmacies, on foot. But to travel to the beach or to a major landmark, you will need to find transport. The three best ways to get around are by Guam taxi cab service, car rental, or bus ride.

To get the best advice on transport, call your hotel. They may be able to arrange a taxi ride from the airport, or suggest the number of a trustworthy car rental. They may also be able to give you info on how to ride one of Guam’s shopping or tourist buses. Take note so that every member of your family—especially young children and elderlies in need of assistance—can ride safely to your destination.

Find Restaurants You’ll Enjoy Dining At

Food should be another highlight of traveling to Guam with your family. Native Chamorro cuisine is full of fresh and strong flavors. You can look forward to digging into local dishes like chicken kelaguen, hineksa’ aga’ga or red rice with achoti, and some tasty Chamorro barbecue at Guam restaurants that serve local dishes.

You may be going to Guam with some picky eaters in tow, and that’s no problem. If your kids are looking for more familiar fare, you don’t have to worry because there are also fast food joints, American diners, and pizza parlors in Guam. You can also find local shops selling cookies and other kid-friendly snacks. Your vacation will be all the better if you can taste a little bit of everything!

Find the Schedules for Your Preferred Religious Services

Even when you’re traveling, it may be important for you to meet your religious commitments. Oftentimes, families look for the nearest church or worship hall when they’re making their travel itineraries. This is a good practice for you to keep for your trip to Guam.

Guam Phone Book has a directory of churches in Guam that you can look up. See if they’re the same religious denomination as your family, and choose a mass or worship service that fits your schedule. That will ensure that your entire family can fulfill the religious obligations you keep at home.

A vacation to Guam is a wonderful way to spend time with your family and for your children to learn about the world. And if you plan things right, your kids could be talking about it long after you come back home. Come travel to Guam, and get around the island with help from Guam Phone Book!

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