7 Tips for Shopping on a Budget in Guam

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Idyllic beaches and crystal-clear ocean waters are probably what first come to mind when one thinks of Guam. But this U.S. island territory in the Pacific is also famous for one other thing: its wealth of shopping opportunities.

Tourists flock to Guam not only to unwind and enjoy nature, but also to find great bargains. Tax-free shopping, the chance to buy in bulk, and the variety of both high-end products and discount store staples are all part of Guam’s appeal. So when you arrive here on vacation, make sure that shopping is a priority.

Here are Guam Phone Book’s tips for the ultimate shopping experience on this island paradise. Save time, score some hard-to-find items, and get your money’s worth!

Find Free Shuttle Trips to Guam’s Busiest Shopping Centers

Though taxis and rented cars are the best ways to get around Guam, you may not need either of these to travel to a Guam shopping center. Some establishments have partnered with major hotels to offer free shuttle services to guests. This is both a money-saving and convenient way to get to the island’s top shopping spots.

Ask your hotel’s concierge about the available shuttle services, what stops they make, and what the schedules are like. This will save you a fair amount in terms of both time and transport expenses.

Shop Duty-Free for Some International Brands

Even high-end shopping may be more enjoyable in Guam. Purchases from the big-name brands may not feel as heavy on your wallet as prices here are often duty-free.

With that in mind, if you want luxury items like designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and fragrances, Guam’s shopping centers are the place to be. You can find luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Gucci, and Swarovski here. Other international name-brands you can find in Guam are Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Guess, and Skechers. Look up the shopping center nearest to your hotel, and see which stores you can visit while in Guam.

Go Thrift Shopping in One of Guam’s Many Discount Stores

Guam is also a mecca for discount shopping as well as duty-free high-end shopping. Some shoppers love the thrill of seeing what they can buy at low price points. If that applies to you, there are many discount stores in Guam that you should pay a visit to.

Head to Ross, Dress for Less, Payless Supermarket, or 99 Cent Supermarket to score bargains. These are great stops to buy casual wear, snacks, toys, and other items at big discounts.

Unearth Hidden Treasures at Guam’s Mom and Pop Stores

If you want a change of pace from the usual chain stores, you can visit one of the many mom and pop shops in Guam instead. You’ll find lower prices on certain items, as well as opportunities to chat up friendly local store owners about the island.

Mom and pop stores are great sources of fresh produce, in particular. Some stores even offer vegan products at discounted prices, which will certainly satisfy the health-conscious members of your travel party.

Avoid Crowds When You Do Your Grocery Shopping

Supermarkets in Guam always see a high level of activity. One of these is Kmart, which is open 24/7. This grocery is where you can go to buy basic needs, as well as tools, electronics, and extra swimming gear.

We have two tips to help you avoid crowds while you’re shopping for groceries. The first is to shop at night, and the second is to hit the grocery on a day other than the first of the month. The latter is usually when Guamanians who receive government assistance do their shopping. Also shop outside of peak hours to maximize your time in the grocery.

Inspect the Clearance Racks

Guam is also home to all-American department store chains like Macy’s. The clearance racks in these establishments are treasure troves for thrifty shoppers. Here, you can find off-season items that are priced much more reasonably than when they were first released.

Some off-seasons items you can look for are winter clothes and thermals. Buy them in Guam at discounted prices, and set them aside for use later on in the year when you’re traveling to a colder part of the world.

Subscribe Online for Discounts

Don’t end your bargain hunting at physical store fronts. To clinch great deals in Guam, look for discounts that are offered online.

One way to keep updated about discounts is to subscribe to the mailing lists of your favorite stores. Alternatively, you can download the Guam Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet. The app, which is affiliated with the Guam Visitors Bureau, will supply you with news on tax-free shopping deals.


With these tips on hand, shopping will be one of the highlights of your Guam trip. Look up stores in Guam Phone Book’s e-yellow pages, and plan your dream shopping spree now!


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