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Turtle Tours is Guam’s most popular optional tours company, providing excellent service and quality, fun-filled activities for the sole traveler, couples, and the entire family. Over the years, thousands of guests and visitors to Guam have loved touring with us! We take pride in being Guam’s only optional tour service provider which offers a variety of safe and exciting tropical adventures, on land and in Guam’s beautiful ocean.

We are Guam’s tourism industry’s pioneers.
In 1969 Kloppenburg Enterprises, Inc. (KEI), one of the oldest and most successful locally owned and operated family businesses in Guam opened Turtle Tours, a transportation and hospitality service provider, to fill the needs of ocean cruise ships that stopped on Guam twice a year for a short day tour. Today, Turtle Tours is Guam’s leader in providing optional tours.
Turtle Tours includes a number of successful hospitality related enterprises:

  • Adventure River Cruise – Guam’s only specialty inland boat tour on Guam featuring the serenity of the Talofofo River and focusing on Guam’s culture and wetland preserves.
  • City Sightseeing Tour – A scenic tour of some of Guam’s most renowned tourist spots, including Two Lovers Point, Chamorro Village, Skinner Plaza and Latte Stone Park.
  • Kayak Adventure Tour –Grab a friend and jump in a two person Kayak to explore two of Guam’s exotic tropical rivers up close.
  • Iruka Watching Adventure (Dolphin Watching) – This boat tour focuses on dolphin watching and Guam’s beautiful coastline including snorkeling and swimming for participants.
  • Eco Adventure Jungle Hiking Tour – A specialty tour highlighting the natural beauty of Guam’s flora, fauna and historic past through hiking excursions around the island.

Each of these enterprises has been designed to offer entertainment and educational alternatives for Guam’s local and visitor populations. Turtle Tours has received numerous awards for their uniqueness and effectiveness.

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