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Pacair Properties in Guam

Detailed Information

A locally owned and operated company, PACAIR Properties is comprised of different shareholders investing in our island’s land, commercial facilities, airline and shipping company agents, surface shipping organizations and many other transportation logistic-related businesses.

Our development in the A.B. Won Pat Guam Integrated Air Cargo Facility takes our island a step further in preparation for the future. The facility is the largest and most invested project within our conglomerate with an investment of over $30M in development costs.

As Guam enters the cusp of the military buildup, expansion and integration is at the forefront of our island’s economy and we at PACAIR Properties are please to be a part of this movement.

To schedule a site visit or for more information about PACAIR Properties, please contact Krystle Merfalen, General Manager at (671) 483-2050.

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