Pacific Star Hotel & Resort in Guam

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Located in the heart of the Western Pacific, Guam is a destination like no other. Our island is known for its stunning beaches, clear blue skies, world-famous sunsets, and the warm hospitality of its people.

Beautiful and purposeful, Guam’s marine preserves were established to ensure that important habitat and fishing populations on Guam are protected. Tumon Bay, our island’s most popular destination and the home of the Pacific Star Resort & Spa, is one of Guam’s five Marine Preserves.

Swimming in Guam’s waters is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. We take great pride in our water, and we want to ensure that the experience you have is one that your children, and our children, will be able to cherish as well. To help you enjoy our waters responsibly, upon checking in we ask you to please consider taking the Coral Pledge:

As a visitor on Guam, I pledge to protect Guam’s natural environment. I pledge that I will not take souvenirs from the sea, feed fish or other marine life, harass sea creatures, or litter. I will not touch, break, or stand on corals. As a welcomed guest on Guam, I pledge to respect the Chamorro culture and care for this island as if it were my own home.

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