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Self-service laundromats in Guam are a godsend to Guamanians who may not have the space for a washer/dryer, or time to do their laundry by hand. Quickly find the best laundromats nearest to your location with the help of the Guam Phone Book. The directory maintains a comprehensive collection of laundromat listings to help you narrow down the options and get the chore done.

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Coin laundry, coin wash, laundromat—whatever name you call them by, these establishments are an intrinsic part of everyday life in Guam. They provide an essential service, helping Guamanians all over the territory quickly and conveniently put a cumbersome chore behind them. Laundromats in Guam cover the gamut, from staffed laundries that do your washing, drying and folding for you, to minimalist establishments only manned by a single attendant. With the Guam Phone Book, you can easily inquire after a laundromat’s available offerings and services. There’s no need to waste time waiting for a unit to become available. Let your fingers do the walking, as they say, and simply call ahead.

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