Costumes in Guam

On the hunt for a fun and fanciful getup for an event or a party? There are plenty of stores that rent and sell costumes in Guam. Easily find ready-to-wear costumes as well as custom-made attire for adults, kids, and even babies by checking the Guam Phone Book’s e-Yellow Pages section. We have the most comprehensive directory of costume shops and props suppliers on the island.

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Shops that sell or rent costumes in Guam range from specialty boutiques that focus on attire for a certain type of activity—such as costumes for dance sports, ice skating, or theatrical performances—to whimsical retail emporiums filled with ready-to-wear outfits suitable for events like Halloween or costume party. Many of these stores also sell headgear, masks, wigs, props, and even footwear to suit the costume that you’ll be donning. Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-wear costume to wear for an event or are on the lookout for something custom-made to your specifications, you can count on the Guam Phone Book to have listings for the best costume shops and props suppliers on the island. Just navigate to our e-Yellow Pages section and start your search today.

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