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Find a Catholic church in Guam to spend your Sundays in with the help of the Guam Phone Book. By searching through our online listings, you can easily get in touch with the church’s main office and ask about their mass schedules and church-related services. Browse through our list and check out which of the many Catholic churches in Guam is closest to your location.

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Majority of the people in Guam are adherents of the Roman Catholic faith, so it’s not surprising to see various churches around the island. The church is the Guamanian Catholics’ main place of worship, the nexus of their religious community, and a destination for the enrichment of their spiritual and civic lives. Catholic churches in Guam also have the ideal atmosphere to hold traditional Catholic weddings, baptisms, and first communions. If you’re interested in learning more about a church’s schedule, religious programs, or its availability for holding ceremonies, then visit The Guam Phone Book’s website today. We provide our users a quick and easy way to contact the different churches in Guam no matter where you’re located on the island.

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