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If you’ve just moved to Guam and are looking for places where you can meet new people and feel belongingness to a community, a church is a great place to do it. And if you are a Pentecostal, looking for an Assembly of God church in Guam is a great place to start. You can find one near you with help from the Guam Phone Book.

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Finding your people when you’re in a new place can be challenging. However, going to a church is great way to become part of a welcoming and friendly community of people under God. Find an Assembly of God church in Guam that’s near your location, and you will slowly find yourself becoming a part of the congregation. You’ll be able to meet people with the same spiritual and religious fervor who can also become lifelong friends. After all, church is more than worship and service, it’s about fellowship and community, too. To learn more about the Pentecostal churches near you, check the listings in the Guam Phone Book.

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