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Tourists and locals both agree that the best way to experience the beautiful waters surrounding Guam is on a boat. Chartering a boat gives you the freedom to helm a mid- to large-sized vessel, perfect for a private party or to use as a jumping-off point when you’re going scuba diving, dolphin watching, or doing other popular activities. Get in touch with someone who can help you find the perfect charter boat in Guam by using the Guam Phone Book.

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Most people confuse renting a boat with chartering a boat, but there are a few key differences. Boat rental is usually reserved for smaller, personal watercraft that are available for hire by the hour, up to a day or a couple of days at most. Meanwhile, charter boats are usually medium and large-sized vessels that can accommodate groups of people at once that can be hired for longer periods of time. Additionally, individuals who wish to charter a boat must be able to provide certain credentials proving that they can handle the boat responsibly. If you’re looking for a charter boat in Guam for yourself or with your friends, look no further. The Guam Phone Book has listings for all the best charter boat companies and tour providers on the island.

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