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When employees retire, one of the things they look forward to the most is reaping their benefit plan. A benefit plan in Guam is sponsored by the employer, and benefits are calculated using a particular formula. The formula typically includes factors such as length of employment and the individual employee’s salary history. Such factors may be hard for the employer to account for alone, which is why they often turn to the services of retirement plan managers. If you’re in charge of facilitating your employees’ benefit plans, you can find a service provider to help you implement them by browsing through the Guam Phone Book’s listings. We are your gateway to partnering with Guam’s most reputable institutions when you need help dealing with an issue as important as your employees’ retirement!

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ASC Trust
120 Father Duenas Avenue,Suite 110, Hagatna, 96910

Benefit plans are also known as defined-benefit plans, qualified-benefit plans, and pension plans. The “defined” part of the term means that there’s a fixed formula for determining exactly how much one’s retirement benefits will be. The formula typically involves the number of years the employee has been with the implementing company, as well as their salary history. Though it seems simple, it’s often not easy for employers to oversee portfolio management and investment risks to these benefit plans all by themselves. This is where a retirement plan manager comes into the picture. They can help employers implement a benefit plan in Guam for each of their workers.

Thankfully, you don’ have to search far and wide to find professionals who can help you set up benefit plans for your own employees. The Guam Phone Book is a website you can visit to get the contact details of Guam’s premier retirement plan managers. As soon as you find a listing, you can dial the company’s phone number and ask for assistance in crafting future benefit plans for your workers. Find specialists who will get your employees’ benefit plans rolling, as well as help you with other professional services. Discover them through the Guam Phone Book today!

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