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The real estate market in Guam is one of the most complex in the region. If you’re about to buy or sell land, you’ll want to get in touch with an appraiser that can give you the most accurate values for your property. Browse the Guam Phone Book to find updated listings of appraisers throughout the territory. Filter the results to find one in your village or anywhere else in Guam.

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Guam’s real estate market is unlike any on the mainland USA. The prices of prime properties have been on an upward trend for decades, fueled by Asian buyers wanting to buy a piece of tropical bliss for themselves. Properties that are just yards away from each other can also have wildly fluctuating valuations, and newcomers to the local real estate game might find their assumptions don’t work on Guam.

Use the Guam Phone Book to find experienced real estate appraisers in Guam as well as other property experts. Whether you’re buying or selling properties, connecting with the right people is essential for getting the best possible deals. Explore the Guam Phone Book to find an appraiser near you.

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