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Frustrated by the way off-the-rack clothes fit? Annoyed that nothing at the store looks good on you, even if the tag says it’s the right size? Alteration is the answer! A skilled tailor or seamstress can do wonders on a pair of jeans that’s hanging too loose or a designer suit jacket that’s just a tad too large on your frame. Alteration services in Guam are done by professionals who have been in the business of making and remaking formal and casual wear for years. Fine one near you with the Guam Phone Book.

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Most fashion brands only cater to certain proportions, making it difficult to find pieces that fit properly. Alteration services in Guam exist to fill in the gap between garments bought off-the-rack and the people who just want to look good in them. For a small additional fee, a skilled tailor or seamstress can shorten hemlines, take clothes in at the shoulders or the waist, taper pants, and much more. Find them by browsing the listings on the Guam Phone Book!

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