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Guam Mini Storage
380G Storage Lane Harmon Industrial Park, Harmon, 96913
311 East Harmon Industrial Road, Harmon, 96913
Guam Chocolate
Suite 203-206 Ritz Bldg., 205 Rojas Street, Harmon, 96913
Guam Dry Cleaners
151 B Harmon Industial Park, Harmon, 96913
Harmon Mini Storage & Warehouses
West Harmon Industrial Park Road, Harmon, 96913
Island Waste Management, LLC
120 N. Chalan Okso, Harmon Ind. Park, Harmon, 96913
7 Day Supermarket - Harmon
2117 Army Drive Way, Rt.16, Harmon, 96913
AAA Mini Storage
421 Adrian Sanchez St., Harmon, 96913
AMS (Alliance Metal Specialties)
165 F Guerrero St., Harmon Industrial Park, Harmon, 96913
Color Drops Printing
263 - 2 Youngs Bldg., Adrian Sanchez Street, Suite 103, Harmon, 96913
Door Store, The
Harmon Industrial Park Road, Harmon, 96913
San Agustin’s Funeral Home
452 Adrian Sanchez Road, Harmon, 96913
Universal Air Supply
159-B Siket Rd. Harmon Industrial Park, Harmon

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