Concrete Pumping in Guam

Though concrete is an incredibly common construction material, it can still be very difficult to work with and transport in its liquid state, especially without the proper tools and equipment. Concrete pumps allow workers to accurately place liquid concrete wherever it may be needed on a job site, eliminating the need to move it manually. If you’re looking to hire or purchase a concrete pump in Guam for your construction project, we can help you. Simply check the business listings in the Guam Phone Book for leads.

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Yatung Guam
136 Adrian Sanchez St., Tamuning, 96913

Before the invention of the concrete pump, workers had to manually transport freshly-mixed liquid concrete in wheelbarrows or buckets lifted by cranes. Today, some modern concrete pumps are able to place liquid concrete exactly where it’s needed on a construction site at a rate of about 50 cubic meters per hour, four times the speed of doing the same job with a skip and a crane. This results in less wasted man hours, more efficient work, and minimized delays. If you’re interested in hiring a concrete pump in Guam, you’ve come to the right place. The Guam Phone Book is the best place online to search for businesses that rent or sell concrete pumps on the island. They’re usually available for rent by the hour from a manufacturer or supplier of concrete or cement, although units are also typically sold to construction businesses. Find the contact details of Guam vendors today to make an inquiry.

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