Concrete Blocks in Guam

Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials in the world—twice as popular as steel, wood, plastic and aluminum combined, in fact. Its two most common forms are a fluid slurry that can easily be poured and molded, and manufactured blocks that come in standard sizes and shapes. Interested in knowing more about the different available concrete block shapes in Guam? Check out the Guam Phone Book’s e-yellow pages to get the contact details of construction material suppliers, concrete block manufacturers, and more.

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Yatung Guam
136 Adrian Sanchez St., Tamuning, 96913

Concrete blocks or concrete masonry units are classified into two main types: solid and hollow. Solid concrete blocks are made with dense aggregate, making them heavier, stronger, and more stable than other concrete blocks. For this reason, most architects and engineers prefer to use them for load-bearing walls. Meanwhile, hollow concrete blocks contain a void area and a solid area, making them more lightweight and easier to install. You can learn more about concrete block shapes in Guam by reaching out to a local concrete manufacturer or supplier, or by visiting a home improvement retailer that sells them. Not sure if your neighborhood hardware store does? Just call ahead and ask! Most businesses on the island are listed in the Guam Phone Book’s yellow pages section for your easy reference.

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