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When it comes to sheer wow factor, nothing does it for a room quite like the presence of an ornate chandelier. Also known as a girandole or a candelabra lamp, the chandelier is more than a mere light fixture⁠—it’s a status symbol and a statement piece. Visit the Guam Phone Book to find listings for the best chandelier stores in Guam, as well as other establishments that sell home décor and various other furnishings.

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Chandeliers were developed in the medieval era as an evolved form of the candelabra. Back in those days, people employed candles as their primary light sources, up until the invention of gas lights, and then later, electric lights. Throughout history, they have almost always only been found in the homes of the wealthy, given their prohibitive cost. Today, however, the availability of chandeliers in various designs and price points have made them a fixture not just in well-to-do households, but in ordinary homes as well. Here in Guam, chandelier stores are the best places on the island to find these grand, elaborate light fixtures. They can also be found at furniture stores and other establishments where home décor is sold. You can easily locate one in your area by using the Guam Phone Book today!

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