Theaters in Guam

Turn your weekends into a bonding experience by hitting up a few of the movie theaters in Guam. From original Guamese films to highly anticipated internaional blockbusters, your nights out will never quite be the same. If you’re looking for a movie theater that’s near you, check out the Guam Phone Book. We have the contacts of some the best movie theaters on the island.

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Love watching movies in a theater? That’s the perfect excuse to go see a movie at any of the theaters in Guam! There are plenty of comfortable and safe movie theaters across the island that show the latest films at different times throughout the day. Moreover, you can learn more about Guamese culture by checking out our local films, too. Whether you’re a lover of horror movies, comedies, musicals, or art films, your next favorite theater might just be on the online pages of the Guam Phone Book. We connect locals and tourists to the best of what Guam has to offer!

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