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In need of a new pair of corrective eyeglasses? Want to go completely frameless and switch to daily wear contact lenses instead? Dispensing opticians can help you see the world better, and you can find them all listed in the Guam Phone Book. Easily locate a dispensing optician in Guam by using our website or mobile app to access hundreds of business listings on the island.

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Dispensing opticians work with ophthalmologists and optometrists to rectify their patients’ vision, primarily in the form of corrective ophthalmic appliances such as contact lenses, spectacles or spectacle lenses, and low vision aids. A good dispensing optician in Guam may also be able to provide and fit a client with special appliances called artificial eyes to address anatomical, cosmetic, or traumatic defects. In need of a replacement pair of corrective lenses in a hurry? Consult the Guam Phone Book for a comprehensive directory of dispensing opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists on the island.

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