Crematorium in Guam

In recent years, cremation has risen to become one of the more preferred alternatives when it comes to the final disposition of the deceased. Crematoriums are venues where those who have passed on can be cremated safely and with dignity. If you’re interested to learn more about the services provided by a particular crematorium in Guam, we can help you. All you have to do is use the Guam Phone Book to look up their contact information so that you can inquire after them.

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Ada's Funeral Home and Mortuary
(On Site Facility) 930 South Route 4, Sinajana, 96910

Though traditional burial rites continue to be the more prevalent choice among families when it comes to finding a resting place for those who have passed on in Guam, cremation has emerged in recent years as a more practical, less costly alternative. They are often connected to ceremonial facilities where the families and loved ones of the deceased can gather and remember them, and these include chapels, funeral homes, and memorial gardens. If you need to inquire after the services of a specific crematorium on the island, the Guam Phone Book can help. Use the search bar to browse our business listings now.

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