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When you first move to Guam, you may be wondering where you can go to worship and participate in a religious community. Luckily, Guam’s religious community is diverse, and people of many faiths can freely congregate in the island territory to practice their beliefs. For those belonging to a Baptist Christian denomination, there are Baptist churches in Guam that you can visit in order to fulfill your religious obligations. You can find listings of these churches on the Guam Phone Book, Guam’s premier e-yellow pages service that always provides up-to-date listings. If you don’t have a community of worship yet, you can also easily find one in Guam through our online directory!

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Baptist churches comprise a major part of Protestant Christianity. They uphold the core belief of the “believer’s baptism,” as opposed to baptism into the faith when one is an infant. Other beliefs that are important to Baptist churches include “sola fide,” or that faith alone saves, and “sola scriptura,” where scripture fully dictates one’s faith and practice. For those who take their Baptist faith seriously, it is equally important to find a congregation to practice with. New Baptist Christians in Guam, such as those coming in from different countries or American states, may be in search of Baptist churches in Guam to welcome their families. They will be sure to find their new home congregation by looking through the Guam Phone Book’s comprehensive online directory. We are an e-yellow pages service that connects Guamanians to businesses and organizations on the island. If you’re a Baptist Christian looking for a new church to attend, browse through our listings and contact your nearest Baptist congregation today. Soon, you will be able to practice your faith and enjoy discipleship with your fellow Baptist Christians!

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