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Aviation in Guam has had a long history. Thanks to its relatively remote location, civilian and military aircraft proved vital to maintaining the American presence on the island — something that is still true today. These days, you can find flying schools, air tours, as well as aerial logistics businesses on the island, a testament to the importance of aviation on the island due to its geography and history. Explore the Guam Phone Book through the website or through the app today to get in touch with the right aviation businesses in the territory.

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Aviation plays a big role in the life of both ordinary Guamanians as well as people all over the Asia-Pacific region. Aviation in Guam has had a long history, almost as old as the American presence on the island. The territory’s location makes it especially suited as a logistics hub for civilian and military purposes, covering most of the western and south Pacific. The island also has several flying schools, which are themselves destinations for aspiring pilots from all over the world. Air tours of the island are also available for tourists and surveyors alike.

The Guam Phone Book puts you in touch with aviation-related businesses and organizations all over Guam. Explore our directory through our website or through our mobile app to find the aviation business that suits your needs.

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