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Our company has been established since the year 2010, as one division of “The Saira LLC” Group, which was incorporated in USA and later in UAE in the year of 2014.

This division’s direction and focus is to offer hotels, restaurants, apartments, villas, residential homes, offices, retail stores, public spaces, and healthcare businesses, the
“form, shape, and furnish” solutions by providing designing, manufacturing and supplying services for each project.

We offer a very broad range of customized or readily available products that covers the full area of a room- from the furniture, doors, flooring, wall covering, furnishing, and lighting- all of which originate from Europe, USA, and Asia. ‚ÄčAt any stage of your project or development, we will add value to your existing property or new opening and will ensure that you receive the very best support every step of the way.

We work directly with manufacturers and suppliers around the world who have values similar to our own and work with the same standards we do.

Our strength is that we do not see our client requests as just another business opportunity. It is a two-way process, which we place value in building long lasting relationships.

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