Our Lady Of Peace Funeral Home in Guam

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1221 Army Drive (Rte 16), across Revenue & Taxation, Barrigada, 96913
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From conception, the mission of Our Lady of Peace has been “To protect every family on Guam from being alone in dealing with the most difficult tasks during the most difficult times of their lives”. For over 30 years now, we have been doing that through Pre-Need Planning.

We are proud to say that Our Lady of Peace is the only fully integrated memorial service company on Guam. Our Lady of Peace has its own Memorial Gardens with complete offerings of interment properties from ground burial plots to columbaria, individual niches to family estates such as family niches and mausoleums; funeral home with two viewing chapels strategically located in Barrigada and Cross Island Road, Yona; and cremation facilities with two cremation machines.

Please continue to browse our website and discover how you can protect your family from the difficulties of dealing with the loss of a loved one when the inevitable happens. You will be surprised to find out how easy and affordable it could be through our Pre-Need programs.

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